Fleetily a taxi Booking Software

Fleetily is a taxi booking software that is designed to take your transfer company to the next level. This new and improved software offers an enhanced experience for transfer companies that want to focus on the core of their business and have full control over their operations. With Fleetily, you can deliver top-notch transfer services, satisfy your clients, and increase your revenue.

Drivers and Users Management

With Fleetily, you can manage all of your drivers and ongoing rides from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. This powerful tool gives you a complete view of your operations from every angle, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your business.

Manage Vehicles

Fleetily is a taxi booking platform that enables you to manage your entire fleet of vehicles from a single, intuitive dashboard. With this powerful tool, you can easily keep track of your vehicles, book rides, and maintain complete control over your transportation business

Google Maps Integration

With Fleetily, you can easily track your fleet in real time, ensuring that you always know where your vehicles are and can make the best decisions for your business.

Fare Management

Fleetily's central command system allows you to control and manage your fare settings for different vehicle categories and routes, giving you complete control over your pricing and helping you maximize your revenue.

Driver Payments

With Fleetily, you can use a single interface to pay all of your drivers and manage their payment amounts, with ready-to-use statistics at your fingertips.

Journey Tracking

With Fleetily, you can always stay up-to-date on the location of all the vehicles affiliated with your software. Whether they are parked, moving, or headed to a destination, Fleetily's real-time tracking capabilities allow you to always be in the know.


Customer Management

  • Block Customer
  • Suspend/Delete Customer
  • View customer Bookings
  • Edit Customer Details


  • Vehicle Pricing
  • Mileage Pricing/Fixed Pricing
  • Fixed Location Pricing
  • Holiday Surcharge
  • Night Surcharge
  • Special Dates surcharge
  • Fixed vehicle Increase
  • Percentage vehicle Increase
  • Minimum Price Option
  • Pause/Break Option

Booking Management

  • Add Booking
  • Edit Bookings
  • Cancel booking
  • Allocate booking
  • Search Bookings
  • Export Bookings
  • View Booking Detail

Driver Management

  • View Drivers
  • Add/Edit Drivers
  • Approve Drivers
  • View Driver Bookings


  • Bookings
  • Customers
  • Drivers
  • Pricing
  • Settings
  • Content Management
  • Vehicle Types
  • Areas


  • Edit company Details
  • Change logo
  • Email SMTP setup
  • SMS Setup
  • Notification Settings
  • Booking Settings
  • API Keys Settings
  • Areas/Zones Creation


  • Email notifications to drivers
  • Email notifications to customers
  • Email notifications to admin
  • SMS notifications to drivers
  • SMS notifications to customers
  • SMS notifications to admin
  • Push notifications to drivers
  • Push notifications to customers

Content Management System

  • Unlimited Page Creation
  • Add/Edit Pages
  • 5 Preset Pages with content
  • SEO Friendly features
  • Preview Page
  • Add/Edit Menu & Footers

Bookings Analysis

  • Critical Bookings
  • Upcoming Bookings
  • Quoted Bookings
  • Completed Bookings
  • Canceled Bookings
  • Unconfirmed Bookings
  • Assigned Bookings
  • Unassigned Bookings
  • Rejected Bookings


  • Driver Apps(Android & IOS)
  • Customer Apps(Android & IOS)
  • Live Driver Tracking
  • Statistics
  • Payment Gateways
  • Manual Dispatch
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Fleets
  • Limited Drivers
  • Limited Domains
  • Free Updates
  • Complete Guide
  • Free Consultancy
  • Video Guide

Admin Panel

Live Tracking

Fleetily allows admins to view, search, and track their online drivers and their current locations on a map, enabling them to easily monitor their fleet and make informed decisions.

Advanced Bookings

Fleetily allows admins to create, manage, and assign bookings from the admin panel, giving them complete control over their operations and the ability to provide top-notch services to their clients.


With Fleetily, admins have several options for managing pricing, including setting rates based on milage and vehicle type, adding holiday and night surcharges, and setting fixed prices for specific routes.

Customer Website

Pickup & Dropoff

With Fleetily, passengers can easily search for their destination, select their pickup and drop-off locations and times, and book a ride all from the convenience of their smartphone or other device.


With Fleetily, passengers can easily select a quotation that best fits their vehicle needs, allowing them to book the perfect ride for their needs and budget.


Fleetily allows passengers to book and pay for their desired trips ahead of time, using either cash or card for payment, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.


With Fleetily, passengers can easily schedule their bookings by following a simple set of steps, leading to a smooth and seamless experience from start to finish.

Driver App (Android & IOS)

Live Location

With Fleetily, drivers can easily start and stop their shifts, and view their current live location when going for a job, giving them the information and control they need to provide top-notch services to their passengers.

Assigned Bookings

With Fleetily, drivers can manage their assigned bookings, including accepting, rejecting, or starting them, and can view their assigned, ongoing, accepted, and completed bookings, giving them complete control over their schedule and operations.

Profile Management

With Fleetily, drivers can easily view and edit their profile data, giving them the ability to keep their information up-to-date and ensuring that they are providing accurate and current information to passengers and the business.

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